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A Bit About Us

Who We Are

Austin Munch-Kin (AMK) is a group dedicated to creating and curating a space in the Austin community for kinky people between the ages of 18 and 35. AMK wholly affirms everyone regardless of sexuality, gender, race, ethnicity, orientation, disability, cultural background, religious affiliation, or kink level of experience; and expects our members to do the same.

Our Mission

Munch-Kin focuses on providing an environment where our members may feel comfortable exploring their sexualities and gaining experience within the kink community, not only as growth-oriented learners, but also as humble and principled teachers who value and model personal accountability and integrity for the scene at large.

Why Restrict?

We feel people in the 18-35 age range share commonalities in life experiences, and we want to foster a place for members to share similar challenges, successes, and life events where they may be celebrated and constructively experienced within a group of similar-aged peers.

Our Community

AMK whole heartedly encourages engaging in worthwhile community-building experiences that foster a sense of unity to surmount challenges that isolated individuals may feel without the support of others.

Want More?

If we sound like what you’re looking for, consider joining our digital munches on Thursday evenings at 8PM CT.  Still have questions? Get in touch with us below and ask away!


To Join us on Discord

All AMK munches are currently digital via Discord due to COVID-19. We’ll resume in person once things settle down!

Shoot us a Message

Message a leader on Fetlife or, if you don’t have an account on Fetlife, shoot us an email to request to join.

Let us Check out your Profile

Give us a little bit to verify you are both within our age range and are a real person who isn’t a fake Nigerian prince.

Participate and Feel the Love

After receiving a Discord invite, set your nickname to “Your name / YourFetName” and then you’re good to go!

Leadership Structure


Austin Munch-Kin is led by a group of five elected officers; the President, the Vice President, and three Representatives that each represent a different subset of ages. These officers facilitate AMK's operation, maintain membership, perform investigations as necessary, and act on behalf of the organization with other groups and venues. While each role has a primary focus, they all share equal voting power and collaborate on maintaining the direction and mission of AMK.


The President's primary responsibility is to take point on interactions with external groups and to ensure that venue needs are met, whereas the Vice President’s responsibilities are focused internally by organizing voting, maintaining records, and promoting internal events. The three representatives serve to address and advocate for specific needs of their respective age range; either 18-22, 22-28, or 29-35.


Instant-Runoff Elections are publicly held on July 26th each year for the election of representatives, and every other year for the President and Vice President.  All members in good standing are able to both vote in the election and additionally nominate another member for any available position.


2020 has been rough on many groups, ours included. Since we disbanded in-person munches in early March and moved digital, we have seen the slow cascading effects of the pandemic. We're struggling in isolation, but at least we're all struggling together!

As a result of the changes in participation and activity from week to week with no expectation on when things may return to normality, we collectively decided to postpone the 2020 Austin Munch-Kin Election to 2021.

If you have any questions or concerns about this decision, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any member of leadership!

Our Officers

Current Officers

David's profile picture


David / Nooysp has been a part of the Austin kink community since 2015, and identifies as a dominant. He has a great variety of kinks and kink-related interests, though greatly enjoys impact play and predicament bondage. He enjoys making his own dungeon furniture, impact and electrical toys, and unpleasant games for play partners to try their hand at. He is engaged to his primary, Taylor, and has a long term girlfriend Sarah who lives with them both.  

In his personal life his hobbies include outdoorsmanship, doing things with his hands, continuing to learn new skills and grow his small business.

Fluffy's profile picture

Vice President: 

 Fluffy / Fluffy_beast has been part of the Austin kink scene off and on for since 2016. He is bisexual and identifies as a Dominant, with a dash of Sadism and a smidge of Daddy mixed in. He is interested in trying new things and meeting new people.

In his personal life he enjoys baking, cooking, food, walks in nature, watching TV shows and movies, and hanging out with friends. In his professional life he is a recently admitted Lawyer to the Texas Bar with an interest in Intellectual Property.

Lola's profile picture

Representative (18-22): 

 Lola / Lola_spitfire has been in the Austin kink community since 2016 and identifies as a submissive with an emphasis on service and degradation (loves a good smack in the face).  

She's living in Austin trying to make it as an actor/writer while also having a high passion for dogs, making people laugh, and archery. She loves D&D, podcasts, and describes herself as "A single Pringle who loves to mingle" and by "mingle" she means "being used and abused like the village bicycle".

Alyx's profile picture

Representative (23-28): 

 Alyx / WildRose16 has been interested in kink since her sexual awakening. She joined the Austin kink scene in January 2017, and identifies as a Slut who is exploring being a bottom. She has a high pain tolerance and loves the violet wand! She is willing to try most things once, so ask her to play and she just might say yes.

Outside of kink, she loves books, music, dancing, cooking, and hanging out with friends. She is currently pursuing a BS in Mathematics. So she can often be found in the kitchen dancing, singing, and avoiding her homework.

Richie's profile picture

Representative (29-35): 

Richie / aSwarmOfHornets is an East Coast transplant who's been in the Austin scene since January 2015, though he's been aware of his interest in kink since his early teens. He identifies as a switch who quite enjoys giving verbal degradation, commands, and tasks, among other things. He can also be easily manipulated into a puddle of begging with the right motivation.

Outside of kink, he loves long talks at the bar, loud music, playing video games, and sports. So if you like triple plays, half court shots, the tuck rule, or riff-salad, he's the guy to go to. He loves meeting new people and chatting about whatever you've got going on it your world, so if you see him at an event, go say 'hey'!

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